• Krystle Bernier

A Heart So Big

Jacqueline Santiago and her work in the community has inspired us all at VIABILITY

(on left) Jackie Santiago clasping her hands against her chest and smiling, (on right) Jackie shaking hands with people at the food drive

This is Jacquelyn Santiago, age 22, and she was referred to Viability from the Bureau of Rehabilitation Services in Connecticut a few years ago as a working interview that placed her at the Hartford Knights. After only 40-hours of showcasing her skills and talents, she was immediately hired!

she wanted to give back by organizing a food drive, putting in $200 of her own funds

Jackie grew up in an impoverished family to a single parent in Hartford, #CT struggling to get by with her 4 brothers and sisters. She had many struggles in her early life and wanted to make sure many families at Dr. Frank T. Simpson-Waverly School in the North End of Hartford didn’t have to go through what she had experienced. Back in November, she wanted to give back by organizing a food drive, putting in $200 of her own funds, collecting donations from countless local food stores and was able to give 20-families the full Thanksgiving dinner that they deserved. She had also previously worked on a coat drive as well as fundraising for the Hartford Knights’ golf tournament. Jackie is currently registered at Manchester Community College and can be an #inspiration to us all. Check out the full story here from the Hartford Courant.