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BETTER TOGETHER: MEMA, National Guard, and Patriots get PPE to VIABILITY

On April 7, VIABILITY received a special delivery of much-needed personal protective equipment (PPE) from the Massachusetts Army National Guard and the Massachusetts Emergency Management Agency (MEMA), delivered from overseas by the New England Patriots.

A Massachusetts Army National Guard vehicle on April 7 delivers personal protective equipment (PPE) to VIABILITY.

The first week in April, local news stations between Boston and New York City reported the Patriots Boeing 767 ventured to China to retrieve 1.2 million N95 medical masks for Massachusetts. Unbeknownst to many VIABILITY received 180 of these N95 medical masks, plus other PPE from MEMA, including more than 500 surgical masks, 30 boxes of medium through extra-large gloves, and 350 medical gowns.

“Getting these needed supplies and distributing them to the programs was a joint effort of the VIABILITY IT/Facilities department, Senior Vice President Sue Cauley, and Vice President Pattie Robinson,” said Dave Rice, VIABILITY Facilities and Safety Manager. “I also want to thank the VIABILITY Springfield Transportation Department, which put together care packages of these much needed supplies for deployment to the needed programs.”

VIABILITY requested the PPE from the Western Massachusetts Health and Medical Coordinating Coalition (HMCC) approximately 10 days before it was delivered on April 7.

“We qualify because we operate residential homes and an Adult Family Care (AFC) program, as well as keep nurses on staff in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts,” Dave said.

The HMCC was unable to fulfill the request and forwarded our needs to MEMA, which gave the supplies free of charge to protect our staff throughout Massachusetts from the COVID-19 virus.

VIABILITY would also like to thank MEMA, the Massachusetts Army National Guard, and the Patriots for getting these needed supplies to us,” Dave said.