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Bloomfield open house a success; Treehouse program introduces new name

Updated: Jul 10, 2020

Situated in a wooded landscape back from the views of passing vehicles on Griffin Road South in Bloomfield, Connecticut, is a large two-story commercial building that is now home to VIABILITY. On Jan. 30, Gregg Thompson, VIABILITY vice president for Connecticut, New York, Oklahoma, and Rhode Island; and Treehouse Director Gregory Todd welcomed the public, VIABILITY senior leadership and staffers to the new facility and the Treehouse program, which operates on the lower level.

An exterior view of the newest VIABILITY building on Jan. 30 at 50 Griffin Road South in Bloomfield, Connecticut.

“We are very excited for this new part of our journey. This has been a long time coming,”

said Gregory, director of the Treehouse program, previously known as VIABILITY-Windsor.

The Department of Developmental Services (DDS) program offers community based day and employment services.

In November 2018, VIABILITY purchased a two-story, 21,000-square-foot facility. Over the last six months, a contractor and the VIABILITY facilities team renovated the building. The renovation work was paid for by a grant from the state of Connecticut.

“The new space was designed to meet the programs needs and also provide a more safe and secure environment for staff and members,” said Dave Rice, VIABILITY Facilities and Safety manager.

Additionally, the Treehouse program now has a gymnasium and cafeteria, which it didn’t have at the Windsor location.

Gregory further commented on the wooded landscape surrounding the building and said it

reminded him of the treehouse he had growing up.

He said it was more than just a place to gather with friends, “I realized it was a place of

protection and safety,” Gregory said. “When I came into this building in the woods, I thought ‘this is amazing and this is the place we want for the people we serve.’”

The people who participate in the Treehouse program are equally as thrilled with the new

digs. Gregory stated one individual, Ryan P., came to him and without being asked or

prompted and said, “I am excited about the Treehouse because I am ready to branch out. I am ready to grow and I am ready to help.”

Similarly, Pheona Hardy, a Treehouse staffer said, “The Treehouse will provide us with a safe

environment where staff members can learn, grow, and share their passions with individuals

in the program and each other.”