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New program VIABILITY Floor Cleaning is at your service

Updated: Jul 10, 2020

VIABILITY Floor Cleaning is now open and accepting new commercial customers. Since its soft launch in the spring, the Pioneer Valley, Massachusetts-based program already has work from a half-dozen regular patrons, plus provides cleaning and landscaping services for VIABILITY programs and properties.

Emerson Campbell, VIABILITY Floor Cleaning’s certified floor cleaning specialist.

“We are so excited to be able to take care of our commercial customers, use those proceeds to better maintain our own facilities, and provide training and employment opportunities for our members,” said VIABILITY Administration and Finance Vice President Rich Horton. “It’s a win for everyone.”

VIABILITY Floor Cleaning currently has one full-time employee, Certified Floor Cleaning Specialist Emerson Campbell. He is an eight-year professional cleaner endorsed by the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning, and Restoration. Emerson had previously been employed by VIABILITY’s Zerorez of the Pioneer Valley, a for-profit carpet cleaning business based out of Holyoke, Massachusetts, that closed in December 2018.

In January, the facilities department drafted and discussed a business plan for several components, including commercial work, internal programs, and floor cleaning training. Staff also wanted to include in-house maintenance, interior upkeep on our vehicles, and upholstery care for houses within the agency to save money instead of having to outsource.

“Emerson brings a lot of knowledge to the table,” said VIABILITY Safety and Facilities Manager Dave Rice. “He knows about spills. If there’s a smell, he can pinpoint it and knows how to test for it.”

When Emerson worked for Zerorez, he received several online compliments, including “The whole house smelled great and the rug was restored to its original color,” and “The carpets look great, very reasonable pricing, great staff!”

VIABILITY Floor Cleaning services include commercial carpet cleaning, strip and wax, tile and grout cleaning, water pumping, and monthly cleaning service plans.

For more information, call (413) 533-9370.