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October is Disability Employment Awareness month and VIABILITY is working toward a better future

Updated: Jul 10, 2020

In the United States, one in four adults live with some form of a disability. The employment rate for people with disabilities is just 37%, 42 points below that of people without disabilities. There has been a great deal of conversation and legislation put into place to combat this issue, but as a society, we still have a long way to go to create environments where people with disabilities are welcomed, supported, and included in contributing to the success of businesses.

VIABILITY understands and appreciates the value that people with disabilities can bring to the workforce. We have embarked on a goal of having 20% of our workforce self-identify with having a disability by December 2020. We have also formed an employee resource group, officially named VIABILITY Empowerment Network, to help identify and address barriers that people with disabilities are facing in our programs. Not only does VIABILITY partner with various disability employment agencies, such as offices of vocational rehabilitation, to place members in jobs in the community but also to identify individuals who can join our team and fill vacancies here.

VIABILITY will continue to explore ways to expand our inclusion of people with disabilities. By tapping into the innovation, determination, resiliency, and hard work of this population, we will be able to continue to provide great services to our members and have a culture where everyone is accepted and participates in organizational success.