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Tradewinds member secures job that allows him to give back to the clubhouse

Updated: Jul 10, 2020

Gary, a member of Tradewinds clubhouse (Southbridge, Massachusetts) recently came across a unique work opportunity, one that is different from what his peers typically do. Gary is part of a 10-person crew working for a local contractor and doing the plumbing for Tradewinds’ new building. The project is tentatively set to be finished just after the holidays.

Gary stands in the basement of the new Tradewinds clubhouse building in Southbridge, Massachusetts, and shows off his handiwork.

Gary, who is a plumber by trade and previously owned his own business, began attending Tradewinds nearly two years ago. He said in that time, he’s gained patience and stability, support from staff, and made new friends. He’s also found a job and secured health insurance.

“Since getting this job with the support of Tradewinds, I now have a place to live, money in the bank, and overall stability in my life,” Gary said. “I know I can always rely on myself.”

Samantha Aikey, program coordinator at the clubhouse agreed.

“He really loves being back at work and living a sober, happy, and productive life,” she said.

Tradewinds is one of VIABILITY’s six clubhouses located throughout Massachusetts. Clubhouse modeled programs are driven by a belief in recovery through work. Clubhouses provide members with a supportive environment to increase their vocational, educational, and social skills. With a primary focus on work and work-related activities, staff and members work together as partners in the operation of the clubhouse. Clubhouses are accredited by Clubhouse International and CARF International.