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VIABILITY members participate in third annual city-wide art show

Updated: Jul 10, 2020

Members walked through the art studio eager to see their own creations affixed to the white walls or cradled in clear stands on tables donned with purple covers. As they found their unique pieces, they pointed, smiled, and admired their work. Soon, they encouraged others to look, and graciously accepted the compliments that followed.

A small sample of the art work displayed at the Bing Arts Center in Springfield, Massachusetts, on June 28. A painting showing a beach with a rainbow is on display. Nathaniel, the artist and a member of the ETS program in Springfield, said the piece is inspired by summer. To see more pieces, go to facebook.com/artsongart.

Oohs, ahs, and “I like this one” were common sounds at the Bing Arts Center in Springfield, Massachusetts, on June 28. Approximately 100 art pieces were on display and had been created by artists from our ETS, Pyramid, and Greenfield, Massachusetts, programs. The members’ artwork showcased offered an array of media, including pencil, and paints, such as pastels, acrylic, watercolors, and mixed media on paper or canvas.

“The art show brings the artists into the community and empowers them to realize they can create something and enjoy themselves,” said Amy Porchelli, founder of ArtSong, a mobile arts enrichment program based in Western Massachusetts, that has been working with VIABILITY for the past three years. “I feel like each artist’s work is a masterpiece in and of itself. I’m happy because the artists have the ability to create and express themselves, make choices on their own, be professional, and be a part of the community in a way that shows art transcends for people of all abilities. I think we need more of that.”

Tom, a member from ETS in Springfield, said he loves participating in ArtSong and painting gives him an opportunity to focus on his pictures, block out the background noise, and concentrate. He had several pieces in the art show.

Nathaniel, another member from ETS, agreed with Tom. Staring at his painted picture of a beach with a rainbow above, he said he wasn’t initially into the idea of painting, but Amy encouraged him and he enjoyed it.

“I have to say,” Nathaniel added, “I need to start doing more of this.”

To see more pictures of the artwork that was on display, go to facebook.com/artsongart. The artwork is available for purchase. Amy had said following the June 28 exhibit, someone asked to buy the entire butterfly collection of 18 pieces, plus seven other paintings.

For more information about ArtSong, go to artsongart.com.